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Thank you for having me at your meeting. This is, by far, the best Toastmasters meeting I've ever been to! So organised and friendly! – Vince Runner, Director Of Technology at Toastmasters HQ

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This was my first attendance. I was hugely impressed with the standard, the professionalism, the support and above all the friendliness. I will certainly be returning - thank you! – GP
Such an accepting and forgiving team of members - for accommodating the nerves of newcomers. I love the energy - thank you! – JM
I enjoyed my attendance, very inspring, and informative and educational. I look forward to becoming a member to participate in the clubs growth and good work. – LA
I enjoyed the warm welcome. Generally [it was] very well organised. – M
Throughly enjoyed the experience, so impressed with the quality of the speakers. – MP
Very warm and welcoming group - well worth the alarm time this morning. Enjoyed the unexpected poignancy of table topics. – BS
Fab welcome, stunning venue, for so early in the monring everyone was so switched! I, personally, would love more fun and just cutting loose on stage. Lovely crowd though, very happy. – AR
A wonderful and most enjoyable start to the day! – AG
Thank you for having us, very enjoyable - Mark twain interpration was great! – TS
Very enjoyable and helpful experience, I am encouraged to attend more and recieve valuable feedback - thank you! – S
I found EBS an interesting, informative and eductional experience and look forward ot attending again the atmosphere is very encouraging and EBS seems a great organisation and a useful group to be part of! Thanks for welcoming me – AV
Great energy as usual, entertaining and educational, this club has a unique style which I hope it will maintain. – AG
I had a good time again, it was worth getting up for! – AG
Really warm and engaging members, really supportive environment, look forward to seeing you next week!
Impressive organisation and members seem pretty confident to me, why are they here? – F
Great meeting, I got the chance to learn from different fantastic speakers and evaluators. I will definitely come back because i feel i can improve my public speaking techniques! – CO
Enjoyed the speakers topics; overall a very fun atmosphere and energetic people - [especially] given the timing!] – AG
Thank you i thought it was gentle, supporting and interesting and I utterly enjoyed it! – AG
Really super talks and subjects as always! – AG
As always some inspirational people, humbling themselves. You give excellent feedback, insight and support to Members! A great learning experience. – A contestant from the Apprentice
I thouroughly enjoyed it, i learnt alot and was impressed by the warmth and the speeches. – NJ
Great venue, great people, great meeting! EBS never disappoints! – MS
I am pleased to have found aforum where people are so interested in pushing their comfort zone. – G
Inspiring, slick timing, great! – FGS
To think on the spot is difficult, but strangely exhilerating! – WK
Once again some useful learning points and interesting speeches! – KD
A wonderfully emotional and scary meeting with many a lingusitical fantasitical delight. Thank you very much! – DS
Really enjoyed myself, a diverse range of topics, discussed and people from different backgrounds present. – MK
Great!, Great!, Great!! You Guys Rock! – JA
This group is super friendly and welcoming, love having breakfast afterwards, it makes a huge difference. A developing experience to be around so many inspiring speakers! – SH
Really fun way to start the day whislt learning and meeting really welcoming people – JS
Toastmasters is fantastic, I would love to come back and see if I can present as all the others. It would be a fab challenge. – EL
Very inspiring success, prosperity and happiness. Look forward to coming again. – SB
What an improvement from 2008 - congratulations on a good meeting, perfectly organised, a good variety of members (age, professions and backgrounds), lots of positive interactions. I definitely enjoyed the meeting and look forward to coming back soon. – SG
A pleasure to see a different president for the day - it keeps it mixed up and lively! – NC
Great meeting and very good speakers – AG
Good meeting, really entertaining and captivating! – EB
Toasties are always a great international family, fantastic meeting, very well run! – MF
Lovely meeting, great atmosphere, I hope to be back. Fantastic communication. – SE
Great, very interesting and particularly inspiring to listen to some of the speakers, especially those who admitted to being unconfident public speakers - thanks!. – MF
Amazing! Loved the way it is so tightly timed and impressed by everyone's variety and expression. Thank you. – SE
My first morning at EBS and I had a great time and learnt so much in regards to speaking as everyone was great. Thank you so much. – LA
Very constructive for all involved, impressive method of self improvement for listeners and speakers. Thanks for the opportunity - hope to return. – HM
Wonderful - I will keep coming - I can see people have obviously come a long way. Feedback is a great way forward. – SC
For the second time, I really enjoyed myself in this supportive environment. Everyone has been so kind and gentle towards me and my nerves. I look forward to coming along again. – AC
Totally enjoyed - will come again!. – EM
This really does improve the quality of life! – JR

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To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!