Our meetings are punctual, professional and productive! View our next meeting agenda and Join In!

We meet on Thursdays mornings 7:05AM to 8:45AM. Afterwards there’s informal social and business networking over breakfast.

Early Bird Speakers is not a classroom: it is a “learn-by-doing” workshop in which you will develop your Communication and Leadership skills among a group of friends, people who are there for the same reason you are.

This shared commitment to a worthwhile goal gives Toastmasters Clubs a special energy. Members draw strength from one another and take pride in helping each other grow and develop in an atmosphere of fellowship and enjoyment.

This spirit of camaraderie and mutual support is one of the most satisfying benefits of Toastmasters Membership. It also makes learning educational and fun!

Typical agenda:

  • Most members and guests arrive between 06:50 and 07:05 for Greeting and Networking – striving to be seated by five past seven.
  • 07:10 The speaking starts. We have a saying that ‘Eleven minutes past seven is LATE!’
    The meeting follows a proven formula to enhance speaking and leadership skills with:
  • Impromptu, spontaneous speeches – known as ‘Table Topics’
    – by members and guests
  • An interactive mini-workshop on a subject relating to Toastmaster skills
    – by a member or a visiting Toastmaster
  • Prepared speech projects (by members only)
  • Speech evaluations
    – formal feedback to speakers and functionaries
  • 08:45 Formal meeting closes. Post-meeting networking and handing-in informal feedback for the speakers.
  • Immediately afterwards many members and guests gather nearby for the scrumptious breakfast that Patisserie Valerie provides. It’s time to learn more about our multi-faceted members – discovering mutual business and social opportunities.
Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!