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  • Division B Humorous Speeches

    The Extinction Of Man Contest Winner!   The Lectern-ologist   Where Speakers Are Made   Off The Scales   Be Afraid

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  • Toast

    Table Topics A Christmas Toast Competent Communication Manual #3 – Get to the Point (5:00-7:00 min) Organize speech to achieve general and specific purpose; Reinforce purpose with beginning, body, and conclusion; Project sincerity and conviction; Control nervousness; Strive to not use notes.   Speech Evaluation …

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  • The Brains Trust

    At Early Bird Speakers we are keen to offer our members and guests different kinds of speaking opportunities; to give new challenges, to develop skills for use elsewhere, and just for the pure fun of it! With our meeting on 29th November 2012 we were …

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  • I Can’t Believe It

    A Complex Tart Competent Communication Manual #2 – Organise Your Speech (5:00-7:00 min) Strong opening and conclusion; Outline that can be followed and understood; Clear message with supporting material; Appropriate transitions.   Speech Evaluation   I can believe it Competent Communication Manual #4 – How …

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