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  • When You Are The External General Evaluator

    Overview Before Thursday Competent Leadership Review your Competent Leader manual to identify the project you are completing. This role can be evaluated in Project 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 10 of the Competent Leader manual so please let me know which project you wish …

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  • When you are the Interactive General Evaluator

    The Interactive General Evaluator is a variation on the role where the emphasis is not on the views of the General Evaluator themselves, but instead of getting the views of the whole audience. The aim is to engage in a dialogue with the audience and …

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  • Chief Judge

    The Chief Judge works together with the Contest Organiser to ensure all roles and functionary roles are fulfilled and briefings take place to place. If the Chief Judge is from outside of EBS, only the on-the-day functions are expected of them (with support from EBS …

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  • Contest Organisation and Chairing

    Early Birds is different from most clubs in that it splits it’s Spring Contests (International Speech and Evaluation) and Autumn Contests (Humorous Speech and Table Topics) across two meetings each. Most clubs holds their contests in the same meeting. At EBS there is typically high …

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  • When you are the Guest Host

    Overview Before the meeting, the Guest Host is like the host of a good party – making everyone feel welcome and helping with introductions. It’s all about great hospitality, thinking about what would make their visit even better, and who you can introduce them to. …

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  • Top Table Topic Tips

    by Paul R Carroll, London Athenian Speakers, TM Club 7365   Preparing for Table Topics:   Long Term Follow current events – as Topics are frequently topical – ask yourself of the various headlines: What do I think of that? And, what would I say …

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  • The Competent Leader Award

    To accomplish the competent leader award, you have to complete a total of 23 assignments – the requirements for each project are outlined as follows. Our VPE provides an overview of the manual. 1: Listening and Leadership Complete 3 out of: Speech Evaluator Grammarian / …

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  • The Interviewer – A New Club Role and My Experience with It

    An Article by Nina Glass About a month ago, our esteemed Early Bird Speakers Toastmaster Club President and Vice President of Education, Taz Miah and Neil Coleman shared with me that they had in mind to launch a new role in our Toastmasters meeting, call …

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  • When you are on Sign-In

    Overview The Sign-in role is the first Toastmaster that guests meet and an important requirement for the Security team at Freemason’s Hall. The Sign-in person is also responsible for collecting contact information for guests. On Thursday Before the members and guests arrive Arrive at 6:30AM! …

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  • When you are the Receptionist

    Overview The Receptionist is a particularly important role for our meetings as, aside from greeting our members and helping organise badges, you’re one of the first Toastmasters that our Guests meet. Think back to the first Toastmasters meeting you attended and what you were thinking …

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