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  • Heal The World

    In November 2014, I was fortunate enough to win the inaugural District 91 Humorous Speaking Contest. It was an immensely rewarding journey packed with many life lessons and growth points. If you are in the contest, best of luck – you are about to accelerate …

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  • Humorous Speech Contest 2014

    Lissi Corfield   Sudeshna Choudhury   Dele Ogun   Ian Hawkins   Alex Cabon  

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  • Humorous Speech Contest 2012

    First Place   Second Place   Third Place   Runners up Igor Pop   Losing Perspective Underground   The Bullet in the Chamber   Why would a speech have a title?  

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  • Water Off A Camel’s Back


    Thoughts on the 3rd placed speech at Area 6’s Club Contest

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  • Mistaeks are good… (sometimes!)

    I was on the top deck of a late afternoon bus, and heard someone at the back on the telephone. “The accelerator, yeah… Well then you put yer foot on the clutch… No, the pedal on the other end, right over to the left… Well, …

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