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  • The Early Bird Mentoring Talent

    An Introduction to Mentoring   “With a little help from my friends”   ClodaghP   DeleO   GeorgeC   IainS   JenniferH   LissiC   MarioU   MichelleC   MindyJ   NeilC   TazM   here

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  • Confidence Tricks Workshop

    Early Bird Speakers hosted an evening workshop, ‘Confidence Tricks’, delivered by one of our members, Richard and hosted by Loreen McKellar of Freshfields and a former Early Bird Member. More than 40 people attended, attracted by the idea that it’s possible to overcome the anxiety … click here

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  • Writing Your First Speech


    This guide suggests how you might approach your first few speeches for toastmasters. A powerful starting place is to talk about something in your life that really fires you up, that you’re passionate about, and tell us how you came across it for the first … please click for source

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