Leadership Candidates 2017/18

Club President

As president, you are responsible for providing the supportive club environment members need to fulfill their self-development goals, making sure that members benefit from the Toastmasters educational program, and helping the club recruit new members and retain current ones.


Presidential Site
Bianca has a wealth of experience in many areas, she has also worked in varied fields from education, telecoms, government, property overseas and in the UK. She is also a coach and a stem cells and bone marrow courier. She loves nothing more than variety in all that she does.

Bianca is a serial connector, she is always putting people together when she sees there may be a value in that connection.

She is passionate about travel and although she thought about moving out of London many times, she cannot see that she could be as happy anywhere else … at least for now.

Bianca loves having fun, she is very passionate about this club and loves everything about it. She is very loyal and cares deeply. She has been with Early Bird Speakers for almost 10 years.


Presidential Site
“Haroun has been a member of Early Bird’s for almost 5 years, and outside of the club has been involved in the running of a family run international business for over 10 years.

Haroun loves travelling, languages and culture, and is always looking for ways to use these experiences to help him reach his personal and professional ambitions.

A relative introvert in nature, Haroun enjoys both deep thought, books and meaningful conversation, as well as the continuous thrill and challenge of nurturing his extrovert persona.

Early Bird Speakers has contributed massively to his personal development, and he will always be grateful to the club and its members for the impact it has had on his life.”


Presidential Site
“I first came to Early Bird Speakers in May, 2015. I was taken by the atmosphere, the warmth of the members and the incredibly high standard of speakers on stage. I knew that this would be the ideal place for me to develop as a person. I also realised pretty early on that this would be a club that I would want to serve. So helping out where I could as an Aspiring Member and learning what I could by observing everyone on stage, I soon became a Full Member by the end of the year.

Realising that Early Bird Speakers is a club that gives a lot but also demands a lot, I was ready to take the next step to serve the club by taking the role of Vice President of Education in June 2016. Working as the VPE has exposed me to what takes place behind the scenes in preparation for the meetings as well as the day-to-day running of the club. Above all, being VPE has allowed me to interact with our wonderful members on a regular basis.

Early Bird Speakers is important to me and I intend to continue serving the club and its members.

This time, I intend to serve as the President of Early Bird Speakers 2017-2018.

It will be a year filled with energetic and exciting meetings, new innovations, the introduction of the revised educational program and much more.

On Thursday 25th May 2017, please vote Shaheen for President.”

Hustings Q & A

VP Education

As vice president education, you are responsible for providing and maintaining the positive environment and the programs through which members can learn and grow. If you do your job well, your club will have satisfied members and will continue to grow.


MarkH has been a member of Early Bird Speakers since November 2016 and attending meetings since May 2016. He became a member despite a natural wariness of clubs. All clubs.

He is a passionate multilingual educator, researcher and one-time washing powder maker who is actively involved in stage performance in his spare time and who also dabbles in swimming and latterly ice skating. Mark enjoys the learning and growing in the supportive, structured, lively and most of all fun atmosphere of the club.

He has been speaker, Table Topics Master and, time keeper and evaluator on a number of occasions. Not a natural timekeeper or to do list accomplisher, he is learning to adapt somewhat to both, if only to ensure that he can speed away to breakfast promptly at the end of meetings.

Overcoming his natural shyness, he loves liaising with people and being of service and being supportive to friends and colleagues. As VPE he will do his utmost to conquer/improve his weaker points to support and encourage all members on their individual paths as communicators and in the different meeting roles.

VP Membership

As vice president membership, you are responsible for building membership and ensuring a strong membership base by satisfying the needs of all members. Your efforts contribute to the success of the club.


I’m a London-based actor with a past in academia and translation.

I love learning and discovery, and Early Birds Speakers feeds my passion with its brilliant members and guests, who bring such a diversity of experience, knowledge, and ways of seeing the world to our meetings.

In my professional life I work a lot with people and with words. I enjoy both, but would like to get better at choosing and using my own words. I’d like to learn how to express my views under pressure, off the cuff, and communicate clearly and convincingly.

And when it comes to people? Each human is their own universe and the more people I meet the more enriched I feel. I firmly believe that being able to speak with a wide variety of people and make them feel at ease is an essential skill which I’d like to continue cultivating.

I’d like to give back to this club that has already given me so much in terms of personal development, opening doors, and friendships.

I’m standing for VP Membership because I very vividly remember my first meetings and how defining those first interactions – in person and in writing – were to my feeling of being welcomed and wanted by the club, and to my determination to become a member. I’d like to continue and build on our tradition of attracting and welcoming a wide range of speakers with very diverse interests and backgrounds to help our club grow and thrive.

VP Public Relations

As vice president public relations, you are responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program. Your job is vital to the growth and success of the club; your efforts help to attract new members.


My aim is to elevate the profile of the club both internally and externally to reflect the status of one of London’s exemplary Toastmasters Clubs

I plan to make full use of social media platforms: Instagram to showcase professional quality photographs of key moments during the meetings. The emphasis will be on quality not quantity. The aim is to give an inspirational hook to anyone looking at the instagram profile so that they look to the club facebook or website page.

I plan to incorporate video clips to showcase the club, how we operate and key winning moments at competition level . I want to include interview segments whereby the viewer can gain a better understanding of what members learn at various stages of their speaking and evaluating journey: i.e. Post icebreaker lessons / Mentoring summary / What makes a good evaluation / How to deliver a comedic speech.

I plan to inform local businesses and trades of who we are and the value Toastmasters can bring to their employees, with the view to bring in more diverse talent to the club
Create close relationships with the events and mentoring leadership team so that members feel they know exactly what when and how things are being run in the club from a social and ongoing development standpoint.

Earlybirds always strive to do things differently. I want to build upon all the work that has gone before to create an innovative club profile that we can all truly be proud of.


RafaelH has been a member of Earlybirds for 5 years and has won plaudits for his speeches, evaluations and topics.


As treasurer, you are responsible for keeping clear and accurate financial records of club business and for seeing that the club remains financially stable.


I promise to nurture and protect the EBS treasure, wherever it may be found.

When your Toastmaster fees are due, I’ll send you an entertaining email rather than just asking for it. My goal is for you to enjoy handing me your money. And preferably feel like doing it repeatedly.

If you’re owed expenses, you’ll get paid quickly, because I don’t procrastinate on that kind of thing.

I’ll update the balance sheet and annual lookahead so we know what’s in the warchest for the year ahead.

Most of all, I’ll support the President and Leadership Team.


MameYB has been a member of Early Birds for 3 years and has won plaudits her for speeches, evaluations and topics.


Over the past 12 years, Nina has been an active Toastmaster in London, first as part of the London Communicators Club in Islington; having the delight of finding and joining Early Bird Speakers in 2011/2012. Beyond doubt, Nina is a strong advocate both of Early Bird Speakers and, more broadly, Toastmasters International, and while not experienced at the Treasurer function having never held that assignment in either Club previously, nonetheless with that commitment puts herself forward as candidate for Treasurer for the Early Bird Toastmasters Club for the 2017 / 2018 season.


StevenT has attended Early Birds since 2016 and has been an enthusiastic contributor.


As secretary, you are responsible for keeping clear and accurate records of club business, including membership records and correspondence with Toastmasters International’s World Headquarters and others.


VirginiaM started attending Early Birds in 2016 and has been an enthusiastic contributor to our meetings.

Sergeant At Arms

As the sergeant at arms, you are responsible for maintaining club properties, arranging the meeting room and welcoming members and guests at each meeting.


IdjiwaA joined the club in 2017 and has been an enthusiastic participant in the clubs meetings.

VP Mentoring

As VP Mentor, you are responsible for managing the clubs mentoring programme, this includes actively monitoring the progress of new members, and where appropriate assigning mentors and working with the VPE to deliver workshops that further the programme.


DeleO is a lawyer and an author. He came to England from Nigeria as a young boy of 7 speaking no English and terrified of speaking in public.

Growing up in Islington, he attended the local boys comprehensive, Highbury Grove Secondary School where his only outstanding achievements were collecting the 100% attendance certificate each year and being caned under the approving gaze of a headmaster who later became Margaret Thatcher’s Minister for Education, Dr Rhodes Boyson.

He ended up studying law because he was rubbish at science and not much better at mathematics; but then he found that he had a gift for law. After he qualified as a barrister in 1985, he left the Bar to work for the leading City firms Price Waterhouse Coopers and Hogan Lovells for a total of 10 years before he started his own law firm, Akin Palmer LLP, in February 1997.

Although he has retired from playing football his genius for the sport is recognized by his former team mates at Mill Hill Ballers Club where he is the life-President of the Club. He is a Toastmaster Advanced Speaker, Silver.

VP Events

As VP Events, you will help to co-ordinate the social activities of the club.

IainS and MarioU

Remember the EBS Christmas Party 2014? The very first Toastmaster’s Got Talent. Remember the awesome hosts dubbed EBS’s Ant and Dec? Yeah, that was us.

Remember the EBS Christmas Table Topics Extravaganza 2016? The one with a mash-up of all your favourite table topic styles? Yeah, that was us too.

We both know that these great events, both in-club socials and extra-curricular get togethers are part of what make our club great. So not only will we be filling our events calendar with a variety of meet-ups (there’ll be something for everyone), we’ll also be planning a flagship event to celebrate the club’s 10 year anniversary.

Other notable qualities and important information:
– Long-standing members of the club – combined 18 years of non-stop, active EBS involvement means we know the club and its members
– Proven events management history. Iain originally put forward the idea of (and became the first) VP Events back in 2013 and it’s been a LT role ever since.
– Pretty handsome chaps – important when persuading others to do get involved

So, if you want to see your favourite duo back in the hot seat, this time as joint VP Events, vote Mario and Iain on the 25th May.


My name is Ignatius and I’ve been around Toastmasters for 5 years. I’ve seen many clubs during this time, and one of the things that makes EBS stand out is the great diversity of our membership.

I’m running for Social Secretary because I want to make the most connecting our members. Though meetings are great fun, it is at socials that we get to go one step further and experience a new side of each other. To traditional socials like the Christmas Show, I will add new initiatives building on the diverse hobbies in our community — board games, exhibitions and others, apart from food of course! I want to experiment with new forms, like after-dinner speeches after a great meal, and will be fishing for more ideas from you throughout the year.

If I can add an extra entertaining twist even to Grammar (see my video, in the role of Linguist), you can trust me to do the same with EBS social life. So if you want a vigorous social calendar where we can get to know each other even better, vote for me!


Hi, my name is JoshL. It has been a year since I came back to EBS after my departure to the US. I was a member from 2010 to 2012. EBS is a big family to me.

After I moved back to the UK, I could not wait but re-join to EBS immediately. With some familiar faces and some new faces, EBS is still the big warm family I love. I feel that I’ve taken so much from EBS and this is my first time to take the step forward to do something for this big family.

As an introvert, I feel that VP of Event is a great opportunity for me to step out my comfort zone and find opportunities for me to engage more with other EBS members. I am an idea person and I think this is a great opportunity for me to find create ways for the members to engage with each other on the deeper lever through the events. We can also use events to introduce our lovely EBS to the outsiders, hoping we can lure them to join us as well.

I hope you guys can give me the opportunity to take the VP of event role for this event. Thanks a lot.

Technology Officer

As Technology Officer, you are responsible for maintaining the club’s website and updating EarlyBird TV with the latest videos.


JavierDG is our current Technology Officer and wishes to continue serving the club in this capacity.


PaoloL graduated in Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1987 and he obtained the Architect License in the same year. After graduation he started his first job as an Historical Urban Architect at Agorà, a multifunction firm based in Rome. He was the Chief Architect of a group of 5 specialists to study and preserve Historical Villages around Rome. In 1989 he received a scholarship from the Japanese Education Ministry to study Architecture as graduated student at Kyoto University in Japan. In 1989 he participated at the International Conference on Hill Cities at Nagasaki, Japan.

From 1992 to 2002 he worked for and joined various Japanese Architectural Firms where he projected small new-towns, a school, apartments buildings, participated in some international competition etc., whilst during 1997/1998 he designed and built, the Toyoshima House in Okamoto, an upscale residential area in Kobe, Japan.

Architect PaoloLhas published some books and contributed articles to magazines about the Japanese Urban History.

Architect PaoloL relocates to Tokyo to open Architalia (in cooperation with Studio Seste Roma), as of April 2016 and join Redstone Capital Investment.
From January 2017 joined Gold Property Partners in London, where he is still working as a sales partner.

Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!