Early Bird History – Appendix: Year 2013-2014

Leadership Team

President: NeilC
Vice President Education: RafaelH (July to December) SabrinaR (January to July)
Vice President Membership: MarkP
Vice President Public Relations: DeenaB (July to September), KatherineE (September to June)
Treasurer: LaitanE
Secretary: JenniferH
Sergeant at Arms: MutsuyukiT (July to March), RobertT (March to June)
Vice President Mentoring: MarioU
Vice President Events: IainS
Immediate Past President BenT


Table Topics

1st GeorgeM
2nd IanH
3rd AlC

Humorous Speech

1st SudeshnaC
2nd LissiC
3rd IanH


2nd NeilC
3rd TazM

International Speech

1st TazM
2nd IanH
3rd BenT

Special Events

Toastmasters Got Talent Christmas Party (Idea from SudeshnaC, implemented by IainS and MarioU, ClodaghP and JuliaP)

Area 45 Impromptu Speech Contest (format by MichelleC and NeilC)

LSE/UCL Interview Chairing workshop (NeilC, NinaG, TazM, RichardS, KatherineE)

LSE EISEC Speaking Skills workshop (NeilC, DeleO, MichelleC, JenniferH)

Communication in the Workspace Workshop (NinaG)

Meeting Roles

Evaluation Panel Advanced Evaluation format where all three evaluators evaluate all three speeches and then come together on stage to be questioned by the Toastmaster/Chairman. (NeilC concept, MindyJ first Chairman. First panel: TazM, IainS, DeenaB)

Toastmaster Plus Advanced Toastmaster role where the Toastmaster of the Day got to design the whole agenda, create custom roles, assign roles with the aide of the VPE. This created a stronger emphasis on leadership development. (NeilC and SabrinaR. Initial role IainS)

Mimicry meeting Meeting where all participants were asked to embody the characteristics of another speaker. (MichelleC)

Table Topics Special Final meeting of the year was entirely Table topics (MarkP)

Pre-recorded speech Studio style shoot of a piece to camera for transmission during the meeting (MichelleC – speech, and RobertT – shoot)

Crowd Sourced GE GE facilitates a discussion of the meeting with the audience

Impromptu Speech Speaker asks audience for three speech topics at the start of the meeting and then creates a speech from them during the course of the meeting

Linguist redefined as an Evaluator role

Guest Host refined to emphasise the pre-meeting hospitality aspect

Table Topics – VPM created a “priority list” for those who have not had a Topic in a while based off of attendance data. (MarkP)


Twin LED RF Timing Lights
Bluetooth Slide Advancer
Secondary Meeting Camera
Main Banner replacement
Contest Feedback forms


SEBS Guidelines document
EBS TV Playlists for all members and speech projects
Mentoring webpages and brochure
EBS Technology profile sent to District ICT team
Rebrand of agenda
Presidents weekly e-mails go HTML via MailChimp


Evaluation Contest – 12 Contestants
Table Topics Contest – 18 Contestants
10/10 Presidents Distinguished Club (DCP)

Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!