Early Bird History – Appendix: Year 2012-2013

Leadership Team

President: BenT
Vice President Education: NeilC
Vice President Membership: PrahladJ (July to September) and VickyR (September to July)
Vice President Public Relations: MutsuyukiT
Treasurer: MarkP
Secretary: BiancaT
Sergeant at Arms: IainS
Vice President Mentoring: PatrickB
Immediate Past President TazM


Table Topics

1st IainS
2nd PrahladJ
3rd DeleO

Humorous Speech

1st MutsuyukiT
2nd PaulT. Went on to Division Level


1st TazM. Went on to Division Level
2nd AlC
3rd DeleO

International Speech

1st IanH Went on to place 3rd at District
2nd MutsuyukiT
3rd AlC

Special Events

Spring Comedy Festival (LesleyL, StuartC organising, IanH and AlC presenting)
Hosted Div B. Contest (MichelleC, NeilC, ClodaghP, BiancaT, SusanS, AaronW, SarahC)
Effective evaluations Workshop (AaronW)
Christmas Table Topics Special (MarkP organised)

Meeting Roles

The Brains Trust 1 & 2 (suggested by TonyD and GeorgeM)
The Early Bird Challenge (NeilC)
Excalibur Style Topics and Evaluation (EricaC and NeilC)


Table Topics Record book
EBS Hard Drives


Sergeant at Army (IainS)
Survey Monkey for club votes ( TazM)
Agenda and roles e-mail upgrade (NeilC)
Introduction of CL evaluation slips and pairings (NeilC)


10/10 Presidents Distinguished Club (DCP)
Largest number of education awards filed in D71

Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!