Confidence Tricks Workshop

Confidence Tricks Workshop

Early Bird Speakers hosted an evening workshop, ‘Confidence Tricks’, delivered by one of our members, Richard and hosted by Loreen McKellar of Freshfields and a former Early Bird Member.

More than 40 people attended, attracted by the idea that it’s possible to overcome the anxiety that sometimes accompanies us when we stand up to speak; that voice in our head that says ‘What are they thinking of me?’ and ‘Will I forget what I’m going to say?’

The approach to confidence that was taught was based on body- based techniques, drawn from such diverse areas as the Japanese martial art of Aikido, skiing and singing. The breath forms an important part of this, and it’s possible to trigger the relaxation response by consciously breathing out for four seconds.

The relaxation gained is not couch potato, but the relaxed alertness of an athlete, ready for action, not tense. There were a number of interactive exercises to really embody the points being made.

When we have our attention out of our own heads, it frees up the mind to pay attention to what’s going on outside, making eye contact with the audience, and noticing responses to what we say, and there was an amusing game to illustrate this.

The responses from the people who attended the workshop were enthusiastic.


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