Clodagh Phelan

Clodagh Phelan


How long have you been a member of EBS?
Goodness! 3 years already. Where does the time GO?

What is your line of work?
I’m a perfect role model for people who are not sure what to do when they grow up. I started in law, became a social worker, did lots of strange jobs and ended up in adverting as a copywriter and then ran my own agency.

Nowadays I am a writer, editor, blogger and storyteller. Recently I have taught adults (Presentation Skills, Copywriting and Writing for the Web) at the City Literary Institute.

I have written two novels and have just started researching the sequel to the first one. I write two blogs for my website – covering everything from writing and food to book reviews and wacky stuff.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Writing is my job so not really a hobby but I love it.  I read a widely, especially psychological crime. I take a great interest in criminal justice too. An avid champion of the underdog, both human and animal, I’m passionate about animal welfare. I volunteer with A.C.E. a wonderful organisation that rescues abused dogs in Spain and I write their English blog.

Like my fellow E.B. member and friend, Neil, I am fascinated by derelict buildings. I also love design in all its forms. As well as all that is wacky and wonderful. From museums devoted to burnt food to graffiti knitting and all forms of inventive silliness.

Where do you live? Where do you come from?
Islington but am about to move to ‘somewhere in Leicestershire’. I was born at Number 1, Glen Terrace, Waterford, Eire. I am very proud of my Irish roots.

One brother, several sisters, a whole bunch of amazing nieces and nephews doing extraordinary things.



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