Mark Pratt

Mark Pratt


How long have you been a member of EBS?
7 years

What is your line of work?
Consultancy for a Danish software company in the asset management industry but just about to change jobs and pace of life to move into product management for the same firm.

What are your hobbies/interests?
I’m heavily involved in speech related activities – coach for people who stutter (to get them to stop stuttering of course!), Toastmasters of course and performing hackneyed stand-up comedy;  love playing tennis; collector of vinyl records especially new/old soul and funk; stuff I’ve loved doing for decades but since kids has been less frequent than I’d like – snowboarding (I have 3 snowboards!), DJ-ing (I have 4 decks/turntables!) and surfing (I have 3 surfboards!)

Where do you live/where do you come from?
I live in a village called Claygate in Surrey – famous for Cliff Richard’s manger having lived there. Born in Mile End hospital in London to a Scottish mother so technically I’m a Jockney. Grew up in Old Coulsdon, Surrey which was great for being a kid as our house backed onto the woods.

Tell us a little bit about your family. 
I’m blessed with 2 kids, Maya 12 and Isaac 8, both love playing football and the latter playing up, and Stella, my partner of 19 years, who is Head of Art at a school in South London and half Dutch. All have a tendency for the extreme giggles – the Dutch call it ‘slappe lach’!


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