The EBS 60 Second Interview – Grant Kemp

The EBS 60 Second Interview – Grant Kemp


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Grant is tech geek and works for a large e-commerce company where he helps brands to innovate.  He builds mobile apps for iOS and mobile web and often spends his spare time tinkering with new tech or spending it with his family.

Grant first got into public speaking when he used to present his apps at competitions called hackathons where people get together to build tech and compete for prizes.

What brought you to EBS?
I used to struggle with my confidence in public speaking and would often fall over my words. I heard about toastmasters via and after some researching and watching the awesome Early Bird Speakers TV videos, I decided to try it out.

Was it everything you expected?
It was nothing like I expected. I expected a very formal debating club   And got instead a breath of fresh air, lovely people who have become friends and most importantly lots of learning and laughs.

How long have you been a Member?
One year so far

Did you have any expectations before you came?
See above

Were your expectations fulfilled?
See above

What surprised you most about EBS?
I really was surprised about the wealth of other skills I have picked up when I originally just came for public speaking practice – I ended up getting skills in improvisation, organisation and leadership.

What has been your greatest learning as a Toastmaster?
It takes courage to sit down and listen.

What is special about EBS?
The people really make the club and having that warm supportive atmosphere really gives you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new techniques for public speaking or new elements that you have never tried before.

What do you like best about coming to our Club?
The support and feedback.  Not everyone gets an opportunity to learn every week and improve themselves with such regular guidance.  Be it from a new member with fresh perspective, a seasoned expert member who wants to share things that worked or even from my amazing mentor Clodagh who excels so much in giving super detailed feedback and ideas.  I am grateful for all their help.

What do your friends and family say about you since you joined?
Why do you get up so early on a Thursday… Its ridiculous.

How has becoming a member of EBS affected you/ your life?
I am now not shy to stand up and speak in front of people. Small group or large groups, the techniques and methods and the muscle memory instilled from regular public speaking takes over.  I just need to concentrate on getting the message across in the right way.


Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!