The EBS 60 Second Interview – Bianca Tait

The EBS 60 Second Interview – Bianca Tait

Image Bianca Tait is the current joint VP-PR of Early Bird Speakers, she is the brainchild behind the weekly EBS Member interviews.   As part of her duties as PR, she takes the EBS weekly meeting photos and uploads them to social media and generally posts related topics.

just click for source Bianca is agent to a few professional speakers and trainers, a professional coach,  she runs mastermind/coaching groups for entrepreneurs.  Bianca likes to help people succeed and is involved in a few start ups, she loves to dip her toe into new ventures that interest her and is constantly excited by all the people and creativity she finds herself surrounded by.

What brought you to EBS?
My friend Antoinette Joseph was a member of Early Birds.  She was forever saying to me that I had to come to this wonderful club and see what goes on here, that I would love it.   I could not understand why she thought so as I imagined I had no need for public speaking in my life.   She hounded me for so long telling me that I would love it so eventually, under some duress, I relented in order to quieten her.  Who knew??

How long have you been a Member?
Since March 2009

Did you have any expectations before you came?
I had no expectations whatsoever.   I came reluctantly and under great pressure, on a promise to a friend.  I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind.  Now you would have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming!  Antoinette Joseph, I am so grateful you dragged me here!

Were your expectations fulfilled?
Oh my goodness, I was completely overwhelmed, moved and inspired by what I witnessed on my first visit.  I absolutely loved it.   I loved it so much I signed up as a member there and then.  I was a lucky one.  I just knew I had to be a part of this place.

What surprised you most about EBS?
The amazingly efficient way in which the club is run and the passion I now have for it.   I am constantly surprised and grateful for what I witness and learn from the fascinating people at our club, from speeches, evaluations, in just about every speaking and non speaking area.  I love to see the Members grow and watch them on their journey.  I am also amazed at myself!

What has been your greatest learning as a Toastmaster?
How fascinating people are.   I am moved, surprised, humbled and entertained week in, week out.

What is special about EBS?
The members and the near to obsessive compulsive efficiency in which this club is run combined with the passion. pride and love we all have for Early Birds. Early Birds has become my 2nd family. I am so grateful and proud to be a part of it.

What do you like best about coming to our Club?
Never ever a dull moment.    I get bored easily  but never ever have I been bored at EBS.  I also love all the relationships I have built here over the years.  All of them are my special friends now.

What do your friends and family say about you since you joined?
They do not really understand it and actually I realise now that until one attends the meetings it is impossible to comprehend what it is all about.  I am forever trying to encourage them to attend.

How has becoming a member of EBS affected you/ your life?
I cannot see myself living without Early Birds, it has become an integral part of my existence.   You would have to drag me out of there kicking and screaming.

What was your biggest fear before you came?
Being bored rigid and getting up to speak in front of a large audience.

Is that still your biggest fear?
I still get a little nervous when I deliver a speech or give an evaluation but the feeling is nothing like it used to be and I am NEVER bored!

How does public speaking impact your life?
It gives me courage and I feel confident to address an audience .  Bill Clinton watch out!

Is there anything else you would rather be doing on a Thursday morning?
If either Roger Federer or Jose Mourhino invited me to breakfast on a Thursday I’m afraid it would be very tough for me to miss EBS but I’m just a girl who can’t say no!

Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!