Bianca Tait

Bianca Tait

On 9th April 2015, Bianca Tait was the second person to receive the prestigious President’s Award. This was awarded for:

Being absolutely tireless in how she gets us all involved in the club’s interests with her encouraging spirit. She is brilliant in creating an ongoing bond outside the meetings.

She has been on the Leadership Team many times in a number of different capacities.

She is borderline obsessive compulsive when it comes to promoting our club. Her dedication to put life in our social networking and cohesion within the group is magnificent. She has also made sure that everyone has had a chance to be involved by preparing the weekly interviews.

She’s really worked wonders on our PR this year by tirelessly posting updates and pictures after each meeting and worked to generate a lot of social goodwill in the club.

She truly deserves recognition for her long time dedication!

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