The EBS 60 Second Interview – Reena Bajaj

The EBS 60 Second Interview – Reena Bajaj


Reena is an accomplished engineer and, after working for a few years in the corporate sector, she decided to use her skills to support organisations providing quality education to underprivileged children.   Currently, she is the head of technology and impact in an education charity operating in India and Africa.  Reena considers herself to be very fortunate at having the opportunity to live in few of the most amazing countries in the world at a very young age— India, Singapore, USA, and now in the UK for the last 3 years.   She enjoys travelling, running, and handcrafting. Reena is a firm believer in the fact that happiness is a state of mind, and it is not something to be achieved, but to be experienced! 

What brought you to EBS?
I lacked confidence to speak in public with grace, and poise.  I heard about Toastmasters from my friends, and decided to give it a try.

Was it everything you expected?
Early Bird Speakers is much more than what I had expected — in addition to becoming an effective speaker, one also learns about organising effective meetings, speech writing, facilitation,  different cultures and styles, and so much more!

How long have you been a Member?
I have been a member of the club since October 2013.

Did you have any expectations before you came?
Not really! I wanted to try it out, so had a very open mind.  Although, I had read  online about the format of the meeting, but it was much better when I saw it in action.

Were your expectations fulfilled?
Yes they were.   It totally motivates me to get up early in the morning every Thursday.

What surprised you most about EBS?
The commitment and professionalism with which meetings are conducted  by different members. Also, the long long waiting list to become a member !

What has been your greatest learning as a Toastmaster?
For me, it has been the belief that ‘ I CAN DO IT’ —  it has also helped me professionally.

What is special about EBS?
The people in the club from different walks of life . l also love the energy and commitment of the members.

What do you like best about coming to our Club?
Every meeting I learn something! Getting up early also makes my day more productive — the club meeting time is perfect!

What do your friends and family say about you since you joined?
I have not really shared many of speeches with friends and family! However, at work, the improvement in my speaking and presentation skills is evident.

How has becoming a member of EBS affected you/ your life?
It has increased my confidence to speak and converse with people. Now, I know areas in which I need to improve to become a better speaker, which wouldn’t have been possible without Toastmasters.

What was your biggest fear before you came?
I felt I was very inarticulate and boring.

Is that still your biggest fear?
Yes, I think so! I would like to improve on it further.

How does public speaking impact your life?
I am now more aware of what and how I am speaking — this helps me to connect better with people professionally, and to some extent personally also. 

Is there anything else you would rather be doing on a Thursday morning?
No — I can’t think of anything else.

Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!