Quam Ad Lavandos Feles

Quam Ad Lavandos Feles

The Linguist – Introduction


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What Is Your Price

Competent Communication Manual #5 – Your Body Speaks (5:00-7:00 min)
Use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact to express the message and achieve the speech’s purpose; Make body language smooth and natural; Focus on methods of delivery as well as speech content..


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Look At The Stars

Competent Communication Manual #4 – How To Say It (5:00-7:00 min)
Words and sentence structure communicates the ideas clearly, accurately and vividly; Rhetorical devices enhance and emphasize ideas; No jargon or unnecessary words; Correct grammar used.


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Quam Ad Lavandos Feles

Speaking To Inform #3 – The Demonstration Talk (5:00-7:00 min)
Deliver a demonstration speech that clearly explains a process, product, or activity; Conduct a demonstration as part of the speech delivered without notes.

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The Linguist – Evaluation


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