The EBS 60 Second Interview – Iain Scott

The EBS 60 Second Interview – Iain Scott


Iain is the club’s current President (2014/15), he has also had many other roles within the Leadership Team, including Sergeant at Arms and Vice-President Events. During the day, Iain is Director at award-winning digital marketing agency, Base Creative. He is also a Radio Presenter, Blogger, and specialises in online and digital marketing, social media, and search marketing. He has spoken at seminars and events for over 10 years, including for Business Link, a London Chamber of Commerce, Independent Seminars, and regularly as a guest lecturer at London City University.

What brought you to EBS?
The lovely Roger Harding. We met at a networking event and he convinced me to come. I signed up on my first meeting.

Was it everything you expected?
More. I joined when there were 12 people meeting in a basement. That was enough for me. Then it grew and grew and the high standard of speakers and speeches became a weekly highlight.

How long have you been a Member?
Almost 6 years (as at Sep 2014)

Did you have any expectations before you came?
I didn’t really know what the club was about, so I was simply hoping to meet people and work on my personal development.

Were your expectations fulfilled?
They went way over!

What surprised you most about EBS?
I was surprised about the level of personal development involved and it was great to see others take huge steps and become fantastic speakers (and leaders).

What has been your greatest learning as a Toastmaster?
Saying YES more.

What is special about EBS?
The people – the members and guests. Both during the meeting and outside too.   It’s half the reason I come.

What do your friends and family say about you since you joined?
What’s that crumpet munching society you’ve joined?

How has becoming a member of EBS affected you/your life?
Confidence. Meeting dynamics. Speaking with people at work and generally in the wider world.

What was your biggest fear before you came?
Impromptu speaking!

Is that still your biggest fear?
Yes, but less so!

How does public speaking impact your life?
It makes me want to do it more.

Is there anything else you would rather be doing on a Thursday morning?
I would only give up my Thursday morning for breakfast with the Queen.


Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!