A Tale of Three Journeys

A Tale of Three Journeys

Best Table Topic

Voted Best Table Topic


Table Topics Evaluation


An Exit Interview

Competent Communication Manual #6 – Vocal Variety (5:00-7:00 min)
Use voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to the message; Use pauses to enhance the message; Use vocal variety smoothly and naturally.


A Tale of Three Journeys

Storytelling #3 – The Moral of the Story (4:00-6:00 min)
Tell a new story that offers a lesson or moral; Tell the story using the skills developed in the previous two projects.

Voted Best Speech


Speech Evaluation

Voted Best Evaluation


One letter from disaster

Speaking to Inform (2006) #1 – The Speech to Inform (5:00-7:00 min)
Select new and useful information; Organize for easy understandability and retention; Motivate the audience to learn.


Speech Evaluation


The Interviewer


Meeting Evaluation

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