Persuasive Speaking Playlist

Persuasive Speaking Playlist

Persuasive Speaking #1 – The Effective Salesperson

8–12 minutes: 3–4 minute speech, short scenario intro, 3–5 minute role play
Learn a technique for selling an inexpensive product in a retail store.
Recognize a buyer’s thought processes in making a purchase.
Elicit information from a prospective buyer through questions.
Match the buyer’s situation with the most appropriate product.

Persuasive Speaking #2 – Conquering The Cold Call

10–14 minutes: 3–4 minute speech, short scenario intro, 5–7 minute role play, 2–3 minute discussion
Learn a technique for “cold call” selling of expensive product or services.
Recognize the risks buyers assume in purchasing.
Use questions to help the buyer discover problems with his or her current situation.
Successfully handle buyer’s objections and concerns.

Persuasive Speaking #3 – The Winning Proposal

(5:00-7:00 min)
Prepare a proposal advocating an idea or course of action.
Organize the proposal using the six-step method provided.

Persuasive Speaking #4 – Addressing the Opposition

7–9 minutes speech, 2–3 minutes Q&A
Prepare a talk on a controversial subject that persuades an audience to accept or at least consider your viewpoint.
Construct the speech to appeal to the audience’s logic and emotions.

Persuasive Speaking – The Persuasive Leader

6–8 minutes
Communicate your vision and mission to an audience.
Convince your audience to work toward achieving your vision and mission.

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