Speeches by Management Playlist

Speeches by Management Playlist

Speeches by Management #1 The Briefing

5-7 minutes for speech, 2-3 minutes for question period
Organize your briefing material tailoring it to your audience’s needs.
Give a briefing according to a specific objective (explain, instruct, persuade, or report) so the audience will have an understanding of the information.
Effectively handle a question-and-answer session following the briefing.

Speeches by Management #2 Appraise with Praise

5-7 minutes
Give a speech demonstrating the importance of how you personally use feedback techniques in your daily life.
Use constructive evaluation to help someone improve their performance.
Offer support to empower them to change.

Speeches by Management #3 Persuade and Inspire

5-7 minutes
Understand the concept of motivation.
Use the described strategies to align the audience’s goals with your objective.
Deliver a motivational speech and influence your audience to a specific action.

Speeches by Management #4 Communicating Change

5-7 minutes
Introduce a new idea or change to established operations or methods.
Show the audience how the change will benefit them.
Overcome any resistance to the new idea and gain the audience’s support.

Speeches by Management #5 Delivering Bad News

5-7 minutes
Deliver bad news with tact and sensitivity.
Organize your speech appropriately for your audience.
Conclude with a pleasant note and maintain the audience’s good will.

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