Storytelling Playlist

Storytelling Playlist

Storytelling #1 The Folk Tale

7–9 minutes
Tell a folk tale that is entertaining and enjoyable for a specific age group.
Use vivid imagery and voice to enhance the tale.

Storytelling #2 Let’s Get Personal

6–8 minutes
Learn the elements of a good story.
Create and tell an original story based on a personal experience.

Storytelling #3 The Moral of the Story

5–7 minutes
Understand that a story can be entertaining yet display moral values
Create and tell a new, entertaining story that offers a lesson or moral.
Tell the story, using the skills developed in the previous two projects

Storytelling #4 The Touching Story

6–8 minutes
Understand the techniques available to arouse emotion
Become skilled in arousing emotions while telling a story

Storytelling #5 Bringing History to Life

7–9 minutes
Understand the purpose of stories about historical events or people and use the storytelling skills developed in the preceding projects to tell a story.

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