When You Are The Table Topics Evaluator

When You Are The Table Topics Evaluator


Being Table Topics Evaluator is one of the most challenging roles that a member can take on because, as soon as the Table Topics session has ended, the Topics Evaluator is called to the front to deliver his/her report. Consequently, there is not much room for thought!

Before Thursday

Competent Leadership

  • Review your Competent Leader manual to identify the project you are completing
  • Ask the third speech evaluator to review your performance and sign off your project

Preparing For An Effective Evaluation

  • Review Early Bird Table Topics – What would you commend and recommend?
  • Think about evaluations that you have received in the past. What was good about them (or not!)? How would you like to receive feedback?
  • Be prepared to offer evaluations for up to 12 speakers – Early Birds alternates between 6 – 12 topic speakers on different weeks

On Thursday

Before The Meeting Starts

  • Arrive at 6:45AM!
  • Ensure you have the necessary equipment to capture everything (i.e. pen and speech cards)

During The Meeting

Observing The Topic Session

  • Watch and listen to the speakers. What did they do well and what feedback could you give them that would help them be even better?
  • One suggestion is to make notes on individual cards as this will make it easier to focus on feedback
  • Think about key learning points from the projects that you have undertaken so far and notice if the speaker does or does not do them i.e. such as speech organisation; right word selection; variety of pace and pitch of delivery; body language

Presenting The Evaluations

  • You’ll have about 30 seconds per speaker. If using the C-R-C formula: commend – recommend – commend, that’s roughly 10 seconds for each element. Be selective with your comments
  • CRC isn’t mandatory, you may prefer to simply make a series of generalised observations and strong suggestions
  • It’s particularly important to present your feedback in the “third person” (eg, he/she/Robert/Susan) rather than addressing the individual directly (eg, “you”). This way, everyone will benefit from the suggestions

After The Meeting

  • Note any suggestions for improvement from The General Evaluator
  • Ask the third speech evaluator to evaluate your performance in this role – decide which Competent Leader project you want this to count towards. In return, please take the time to provide the third speech evaluator with a Competent Leader evaluation. If they do not have their manual with them, you will find an evaluation form next to your name badge
  • Bask in the glow of a job well done and enjoy breakfast!

Table Topic Evaluations

These are some of the topic evaluations delivered at the club.

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