ICS Sponsorship

ICS Sponsorship


Dear EBS members,

Michelle Cheung is currently in the process of starting a club at Imperial College and requires sponsorship to buy equipment and pay the charter fee. Below are the direct and indirect benefits of sponsoring ICS.

Speech/Roles slots

Acquiring speech/roles of your preference at EBS can be a challenge. By sponsoring ICS, EBS members would receive priority when they have a speech or role they would like to practice. This would be particularly beneficial to new members who would like to have a go at the more advanced roles such as Toastmaster and Table Topics Evaluator.

Advanced Speech Slots

There are currently few opportunities for advanced speakers to pursue advanced speech projects during the morning meetings. ICS will provide EBS members with a chance to embark on extended time speech projects during our fortnightly workshop nights.

Workshop Slots

As more members progress through the Toastmasters scheme, it will be in their interest to have an outside venue to practice workshops which can then be delivered at the club or an external location. ICS’s fortnightly workshop sessions can accommodate such requests.

Supporting Growth of D71

There are also a number of indirect benefits of sponsoring a club at this level. At the last Division Contest, we were made aware that in order to continue growing, D71 is to be split into two districts. As the fastest growing division within the current district, Division B will rely more heavily on the ability of established clubs to support this growth.

By sponsoring another club now, EBS can help to layout the foundation to facilitate this process. Very successful clubs, which have given rise to Division and District leaders such as “London Corinthians”, have a history of helping to setup other clubs such as Cardinals and Phoenix Speakers.

Leadership Development for EBS Members

In terms of leadership development , the benefits of having another club in the EBS network can be very beneficial. More clubs affiliated to EBS will be advantageous when or if there’s a a reshuffling in the Area Governorships and more people from EBS would like to either demonstrate their ability to mentor a club or provide assistance to struggling one. Being a club sponsor also counts towards advanced leadership awards.

Continuity Plan

There are currently only a handful of university clubs in the District. Some of them have failed to survive due to a lack of a continuity plan. The current president, Michelle Cheung, will be able to support the club for at least the next two years whilst she’s at the University. This will also allow EBS to ensure that its sponsorship will not go wasted as it will have a large role in the early development and establishment of the club.

Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!