Video Policy

Video Policy

Early Bird TV is one of the club’s best resources – an archive of all of our speeches and evaluation from each meeting. Watching back your speeches can be a revelatory experience as you see elements of your speaking that you would otherwise be unaware of. Not only are they useful for you to watch, but they also allow other members to help you progress; evaluators can get a better understanding of you as a speaker and challengers can spot areas to work on.

All videos on Early Bird TV are anonymous so that your videos wont show up on a Google search for example. The videos are added to a meeting page and tagged with basic names such as “JenniferH” to make finding them easy for you to find on the website. Playlist pages are named in the same manner.

When you are first filmed at an Early Bird Meeting, you will be emailed by one of the video team to ask your permission to have your videos uploaded to Early Bird TV. You are perfectly entitled to decline – the videos are considered the property of the speaker. If you would not like it posted on the website, but would still like to review it, we can send you an unlisted link or you can provide a USB stick to take it with you.

If given permission to upload videos, any new recordings will be uploaded for you thereafter unless you request otherwise. If there is a particular speech or role that you wouldn’t like put online, just let one of the video team know at the end of the meeting.

After each meeting the following are typically uploaded:
Best Table Topic
Table Topics Evaluator
All speeches
All speech evaluators
Linguist or Interviewer
General Evaluator

We hope you enjoy using Early Bird TV and encourage you to be part of it with all the benefits that entails.

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