The Early Bird Mentoring Talent

The Early Bird Mentoring Talent

An Introduction to Mentoring


“With a little help from my friends”



I’m a writer, copywriter and editor. My background is law, social work and advertising. A member of Early Birds for eighteen months I have managed to achieve both CC and CL status in that time, thanks to the amazing people in Early Birds and their constant and enthusiastic support.

As VP Mentoring, my task is to oversee the mentoring programme. In view of this I will not be taking on any new mentees, but I will continue to mentor my existing ones for as long as they wish to continue.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss any aspect of mentoring at the club, including introductions to prospective mentors if you feel this would be helpful. Speak to me before or after meetings or email me and we’ll take it from there.



Although a barrister, author and radio and t.v. commentator, Dele is still haunted by the memories of the girls, and jobs, that got away when he didn’t know what to say and by his Head Boy speech at school when he didn’t know how to say it. Since he cannot turn the clock back to relive those moments, he can only help others to overcome the communication challenges that plagued his youth.
You can catch him for 15 minutes after any meeting (but best to warn him in advance)



George has been a toastmaster for almost ten years. Originally diagnosed as Aspergers – thus geek and introvert –  George has progressed and used the toastmasters techniques to redevelop his personal and professional life.
I can mentor people who want to (learn to) construct in outline, mind map or other graphical representation, good speeches delivered for impact. I can NOT – and will not – coach “speechwriters” that try to memorise speeches.



Iain is the director of a digital marketing agency in London. His role requires him to present daily, from pitching to chairing meetings.
Toastmasters continues to play a vital role in Iain’s professional life: he speaks at public and private events and is a guest lecturer at City University. 
Iain is available for mentoring up to 30 minutes before each meeting, and for an hour after. His preference is face to face focused mentoring and is available to all new members in helping them through their first 10 speeches.
His aim is for you to become an entertaining and original speaker.



My name is Jennifer and I have been attending Early Birds since January 2012 and gave my first speech in May 2012. I love toastmasters and know that it has helped me think on my feet and become a better public speaker.
I would be happy to mentor after Early Bird meetings, helping with building up your confidence and thinking about how to best present your speech. Please feel free to contact me!



I have overcome extreme shyness to be able to speak confidently in public and would be happy to mentor people who need to develop more confidence in public speaking or who would like advice about speaking assignments.
My best skills are in structuring a speech and organising content to have maximum impact.  I can also help with the basics of voice, body language and humor.



Mario works in consultancy and is also involved in numerous entrepreneurial ventures. He contributes his time to a number of voluntary organisations and is a mentor at Virgin Startup. High energy and positive can do attitude is to be expected.
Mario is a great believer in ‘achieving goals faster with the help of others’. He prefers face-to-face mentoring. Available before and after EBS meetings but also happy to arrange mentoring session outside of the club.



A shy PhD student who found her voice through Toastmasters 3.5 years ago and now no one can stop her speaking! A scientist by training, Michelle evaluates on a daily basis so is able to deconstruct a speech and provide helpful advice and analysis. Additionally, Michelle has mentored members onto competition success as well as through leadership positions and evaluations. Michelle’s passion is helping others achieve their best.
Honest, constructive feedback for ten speeches and roles, as little or often as required. Approach Michelle before or after meetings, or arrange a coffee outside of meetings.



In my day job I’m a solicitor, specialising in dispute resolution and intellectual property. I’ve been a member of Early Bird Speakers since Autumn 2012 and it’s been priceless to me in terms of improving my speaking skills and confidence generally – on stage, at work, in life.
I’m particularly interested in analysis and evaluation of speeches – including the way they are organised, the clarity of the key message, and the use of language. I’d be happy to chat for 10-15 minutes before or after the meeting, discuss by phone/email, or meet for coffee at a mutually convenient time.



Neil is a Visual Effects team leader who derives great satisfaction from seeing people grow and take on challenges that put them outside of their comfort zones. He joined Early Birds two years ago and is a regular participant at Toastmaster meetings across London.
Available via e-mail, phone or face to face over a coffee or a sandwich if local to Soho. Not available at weekends or just before or after EBS meetings. Particularly interested in mentoring Early CC speeches, but happy to help on any. Has a love of language and also willing to offer roles guidance particularly for GE and Linguist.”



I am a Technical Product Manager with a flair for turning executive strategy into software solutions. I have been a member of EBS since 2009 (as a Member, VPE and President) and am indebted to Toastmasters for helping me to unlock the Listener and Leader within. I am passionate about innovations, learning and helping others to grow.
I can assist with all types of speeches; I am a proponent of experimenting with different speech topics and delivery styles so I would be able to help you craft something that would take you out of your comfort zone :). If you are a Speaking champion, then I can offer an interesting set of perspectives to help you take your speech to the next level. Skype by arrangement, 30 mins before and after meeting.


Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!