When you are the Guest Host

When you are the Guest Host


Before the meeting, the Guest Host is like the host of a good party – making everyone feel welcome and helping with introductions. It’s all about great hospitality, thinking about what would make their visit even better, and who you can introduce them to. The first time anyone visits a Toastmasters club is quite nerve-wracking, so please come in early to help us be the most welcoming of clubs!  Please introduce yourself to people who are sitting on their own and connect guests to existing members.

The Guest Host also coordinates the Extended Introduction and has the honour of introducing the guests during the meeting as well as counting the votes for the awards.

On Thursday

Before The Meeting Starts

  • Arrive at 6:45AM!
  • Assist the Receptionist in meeting and greeting guests and explaining how the meetings run and what Toastmasters is about. A good place to base yourself is by the Reception desk upstairs.
  • Meet the Aspiring Member or Member who will be delivering their extended introduction and make sure that they understand the staging and how you will introduce them during the meeting. Make sure that they have a seat towards the front and in view of the Timekeeper’s traffic lights. Ask the Extended Introduction person NOT to stand during the general guest introduction, as they will be given their own time for this.
  • Assign some helpers to assist you with collecting the votes and delegate a section of the room for them to cover. It’s a big audience to get round in 30 seconds.

During The Meeting

Introducing The Guests

  • When you get introduced, explain your role (introduce guests and collect votes)
  • Explain that there will be applause for the guests when they stand and at the end of the introductions only
  • Inform the guests that they need to BRIEFLY (10s) introduce themselves
  • Invite the guests to speak up – it’s a big room and voices get lost easily
  • Ask all the guests to stand and lead the applause
  • Guide their answer by asking a question: What do you hope you get out of this meeting? What brought you along this morning? What is your favourite dish?
  • Set your question tight and be concise. Ask guests also to be concise. Sometimes guest ramble and if the question you ask is too wide or open you can run out of time very quickly as they speak at length
  • It helps to start off with a guest who has come before, so that completely new guests see how it’s done
  • When a guest has finished their introduction, thank them and move on to the next guest
  • When the final guest has been introduced, lead the round of applause
  • Explain the extended introduction segment and invite the speaker to stand and deliver their introduction. They have 1 minute for their introduction
  • Upon conclusion, lead the applause and …
  • Finally, show the guests our brown book and ask guests to fill in their comments after the meeting

The Votes

  • After each section (Table topics, Speeches and Evaluations), be ready to collect the votes and hand collection buckets to your assistants.
  • Count the votes and fill out the certificates. The President will sign them off
  • Pass these to the President before the end of the meeting (during GE) so that they can be signed

After The Meeting

  • Collect all of the name badges
  • Try and catch the guests to fill in the comment book
  • Return the chairs at the back to their original positions
  • Pack away all of the items set up before the meeting into the blue boxes
  • Clear our any rubbish or bits of paper left in the room
  • Bask in the glow of a job well done and enjoy breakfast!
  • This role can be evaluated in Project 7 of the Competent Leader manual so please be sure to bring your manual with you. This week’s Table Topics Master will provide you with a Competent Leader evaluation. In return, please spend a few minutes during the meeting to provide the Table Topics Master with Competent Leader evaluation. In the event that they do not have their manual with them, you will find an evaluation form next to your name badge.
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