When you are on Sign-In

When you are on Sign-In


The Sign-in role is the first Toastmaster that guests meet and an important requirement for the Security team at Freemason’s Hall. The Sign-in person is also responsible for collecting contact information for guests.

On Thursday

Before the members and guests arrive

  • Arrive at 6:30AM!
  • Remember that Freemason’s Hall security can’t allow members and guests to proceed upstairs without being signed in first so if you’re late they’ll have to wait in the lobby rather than proceed to the meeting.
  • Setup the sign-in desk next to the front door

Meeting and greeting

  • We now use a bespoke EBS sign in app!  The Vice President Membership will usually provide the iPad, along with the traditional paper sign-in sheet, on the day. If you receive paper sign in sheets by email in advance, please print a copy and bring them on the day.  The Vice President of Membership may alert you prior to the meeting of unexpected guests to add to the sign-in sheets.
  • As the attendees arrive, tap them in yourself on the iPad. Having the attendees do so takes time.
  • If a guest is not already on the system, make a note of the name and email address on paper and allow them to head upstairs. Then transfer those details into the app and sign them in.
  • Greet everyone warmly and be sure to give clear directions to the meeting room. As much as possible, please introduce new guests to a member so they can be shown the way.
  • Ask members to send the lift back down once they get upstairs. This will speed up the arrival of members.
  • Ensure that all contact information for each guest is collected and clearly written on the contact sheets, as well as entered into the app. This is vital for the VPM to follow up with meeting feedback. It is also important for Freemasons Hall Security and on occasion has even helped when a guest has left breakfast and forgotten to pay their bill!

After the meeting and greeting

  • At 07:15 am go upstairs and join the meeting and hand back the iPad and the completed sign-in sheets to the Vice-President of Membership, or alternatively, the President
  • Ask the Linguist/Interviewer to evaluate your role as part of CL Project 7.   Please provide a CL evaluation for them in return. In the event that they do not have their manual with them, you will find an evaluation form next to your name badge
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