When you are the Receptionist

When you are the Receptionist


The Receptionist is a particularly important role for our meetings as, aside from greeting our members and helping organise badges, you’re one of the first Toastmasters that our Guests meet. Think back to the first Toastmasters meeting you attended and what you were thinking and feeling as you walked through the doors for the first time … the chances are you were nervous, unsure and didn’t know where you were going! That’s why it’s so important that our Guests are greeted warmly and made to feel right from the start that they are in a friendly, supportive environment.

On Thursday

Before The Members and Guests Arrive

  • Arrive at 6:30AM!
  • Locate the Early Birds direction boards in the blue storage boxes and set these out outside of the lift and lodge room to direct guests to the room
  • Print-outs for the badges will be provided on the day. Cut out and add guest badges to the red badge holders
  • Layout the members badges on the table in the cloakrooms and the guest badges on the table in the corridor.
  • Members name tags are also printed out for each meeting, so check that all members badges are up to date where possible e.g. replace “Aspiring Member” tags with “EBS Member” when we have new members.
  • The Receptionist has the authority and responsibility to delegate two important roles for the club on the morning – Seating Usher and Camera Operator. Look out for members without roles or Aspiring Members who you can ask to fulfill them and hand them the roles badge (and instruction sheet for the Camera Operator). Instruct the usher that they need to ensure that the seats are filled from the front rather than leaving it empty.

 Meeting and Greeting Members and Guests

  • Greet everyone warmly and help find their name badges
  • If we have a surprise guest a name badge may not be available and one will need to be made from the blank tags. Scissors and pens are available in the store box. Write the name clearly for the benefit of the other members.
  • Engage with the new guests as they may not know anyone there. Help answer any questions they might have about Toastmasters and introduce them to other members who can show them the room and tell them more about the club. Do keep in mind that some members will be focused on preparing for roles in the meeting.

After the Meeting

  • Collect the name badges back in. If you have to leave early, ensure that you have delegated this responsibility.
  • The Timekeeper will provide you with a Competent Leader evaluation as part of Project 7. In return, please take the time to provide the Timekeeper with a Competent Leader evaluation. If they do not have their manual with them, you will find an evaluation form next to your name badge
Our Club Mission
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to foster self-confidence and personal growth where every member can develop communication and leadership skills. Join Us!