When You Are The Sergeant at Arms

When You Are The Sergeant at Arms


The Sergeant-At-Arms is responsible setting up the speaking platform and all the equipment associated with and required by the speakers and assisting in greeting the guests.

Before Thursday

Speaker Requirements

  • Ask the VPE if there are any specific layout requirements for the meeting
  • Ascertain if there is there is any special equipment that will need to be setup
  • Review the agenda for any CC#1 or CC#10 speeches which will require a TM ribbon to be given by the President. Have this Ribbon ready next to the President’s chair.

On Thursday

Before The Meeting Starts

  • Arrive at 6:30AM!
  • The room should be setup by 6:50AM as guests start to arrive at that time
  • Collect all of the equipment from the 2 blue boxes in the vestibule

The Vestibule

  • Layout out the “EBS This way signs” in the corridors leading up the Vestibule

The Room

Early Birds uses the front two thirds of the Room in a theatre style layout:

At the front of the room

  • Stand up the banner
  • Set-up the lecturn
  • Leave 4 chairs on each side, tilted so that they face the ‘stage’

At the middle of the room

  • Line up 2 rows of chairs on the floor (bottom right corner of picture). This row should be three quarters of the way back from the front of the room
  • Set up a small table to host the timing lights and the speaker feedback tray

Rest of the Room

  • Set up the banners, one each side of the back of the room (Main EBS on stage right, the ‘Route to DTM’ on stage left (view staging areas))
  • Place ‘Please do not beyond this sign’ signs in the second and third rows of each side at the front of the room to block of access to the chairs at the very front. These should be 4 seats into the room.
  • Place VP Education, President, Toastmaster and Table Topics Master’s ‘RESERVED’ signs on their respective chairs.

The Timers Desk

  • Ensure that the bell, the lights and stop watch are in working order
  • Place the flags on stand by in case of timer light failure

Agendas and Camera

  • Place agendas and ballot slips, one per chair
  • Setup the camera and tripod to the right of the  row of chairs at the back

The Awards

  • Collect awards for “Best Speaker”, “Best Table Topic” and “Best Evaluator” from the blue boxes to give to the Guest Host who is responsible for collecting and counting the votes

Greeting guests

    • Meet the Guest Host and brief them on their role
    • In conjunction with the Guest Host, meet and greet all guests and orient them in how Toastmasters and the club runs. Explain to the guests what the Guest Host will ask them and when during the meeting
    • Be sure to greet the GE and notify them of their position (chair) if they wish to take it

During The Meeting

      • Call meeting to order and introduce president (as in “Please welcome your President, …”)

After The Meeting

    • Delegate collection of all of the name badges
    • Return the chairs at the back to their original positions
    • Pack away all of the items set up before the meeting into the blue boxes
    • Clear our any rubbish or bits of paper left in the room
    • Bask in the glow of a job well done and enjoy breakfast!
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